Is Ho Chi Minh City Dirty?
Jul 02
By Fredrick Wilson

As a local who has lived in Ho Chi Minh City for more than 20 years, I have to admit that that Saigon can be a bit dirty sometimes. Like most developing cities in the world household litter and air pollution are problematic. In fact, a majority of the problems and complaints by residents in…

Vietnamese Coffee Drips onto Sweet Condesned Milk
May 28
By Trinh Mai

Vietnamese Coffee is famous all over the world for tasting bold and rich with an intense flavor.  Escaping the heat of Saigon by sitting down with colleagues or friends to drink iced coffee is a large part of Vietnamse culture. If you’re exploring Vietnam and want to sip on Vietnamese Coffee, I’m recommending that you…

May 24
By Trinh Mai

Mosquitos, they were excellent for bringing back dinosaurs in Jurassic park but aren’t very fun to deal with on vacation. This might leave you wondering, “What’s the situation like in Vietnam with Mosquitos and Tropical diseases like Malaria?” Visiting a tropical country like Vietnam means you will be welcomed with long beaches, sunshine and endless…