How to go to the cu chi tunnels on your own hidden
Mar 06
By Trinh Mai

Banging your head against the bus window on a boring tour isn’t an adventure. Challenging yourself with getting to the Cu Chi Tunnels on your own is an experience. I’ve crafted this article featuring all you need for getting to the Cu Chi Tunnels on your own. Selecting a guide can be expensive and time…

Which Taxi to Hire to Cu Chi Tunnels, Mai Linh
Apr 07
By Fredrick Wilson

Ho Chi Minh City is known for crazy traffic! There are viral videos and photos all over the internet that show the chaotic dance of traffic happening here everyday. Walking across the street in Ho Chi Minh City seems intimidating to some travelers. Never fear the taxi cab is here! As a person who has…

how to call a taxi in vietnam with a working meter
Apr 06
By Trinh Mai

A Simple Guide for Taxi-hailing in Viet Nam Taking a Taxi has never been a budget-friendly option for traveling around. The situation is the same in Viet Nam. However, it turns out to be a decent choice in Vietnam where the condition of the public transportation system is troublesome even in major cities. If you…