You have questions? We have answers!


Q: What is the difference between morning, afternoon, and night city tours?

Our morning, afternoon, and night city tours are currently 50% similar to one another. Each tour offers something different while the areas that we visit will normally be the same. This is because each tour visits around 5-7 districts. If you are looking to book multiple tours we recommend booking different types of tours an example would be to book a Morning City Tour and then a Night Street Food Tour. This would give you the chance to have two very different experiences of Vietnamese Culture.

Q: Do you offer tours to Cu Chi or Mekong Delta?

We do not, our focus is on Ho Chi Minh City currently.

Q: Do children enjoy the tour?

They love the tour! We have not seen a child who has ever seemed disappointed on any of our tours. We think that our company offers possibly the best thing to do as a family in Vietnam. Children can often get bored pretty easily on a regular tour on a bus. Put them on a motorbike in Saigon… there is nothing boring about that to anyone no matter the age.

Q: What is the difference between the food tour and the city tour?

Probably our most frequently asked question as many people do not understand the difference. The biggest difference is that the food tour is focused on experiencing Vietnamese Cuisine. The city tour is focused on seeing the a large portion of the city while learning about the culture, history, and current life style of local Vietnamese. The city tour has much more time riding on the motorbike and seeing some of our favorite spots and activities in the city that we think are interesting. On the food tour the motorbike is the means for us to travel from vendor to vendor through the city while making our way through our Vietnamese tasting menu. If you are interested in food then you should book a food tour, if you are more interested in riding on the motorbike and seeing the city then you should book a city tour. Taking both tours throughout a single day is also highly recommended for two very different experiences.

Q: What is the difference between the Afternoon and Night Street Food Tasting Tours?

Both tours are built around the same concept except the operate at different times of the day. The afternoon being a bit hotter with less traffic, while the night time is a bit cooler but the traffic is heavier during the first hour of the tour.

The food we try on the tours can be similar or different. We rotate our menus so it is possible for the food on both tours to be completely different.

Q: Can I take your tour if I have allergies?

We can accommodate to almost all allergies. If you do have a severe allergy of some kind we do ask that you avoid the food tour and opt for the city tour. We recommend this just to be safe.

Q: Is the food and ice safe?

This is why you are taking our tour rather than stabbing in the dark by wandering the streets on your own. As chefs we have the advantage of being able to identify the behind the scenes events that are going on with food at our vendors. When we add a new restaurant or vendor to our tour we are always keeping food safety in mind before we will expose this to our customers. So yes, we have had no problems with our food since we have been hosting our tours here in Vietnam. The ice will be safe at the vendors. The local Vietnamese can not drink dirty ice or dirty water so if a vendor was to serve this they would not be open very long.

Q: Do you recommend anyone else for a motorbike tour if we can not book with you?

There is a new motorbike tour company popping up in the city every month. We do not recommend going with any of these newer companies as they often have young untrained drivers who do not have a motorbike license or any experience driving foreigners in the city. When you are putting your life in someone else’s hands it it best to go with a company who has experience and trains their staff in safety. Also as you know, you can not believe everything you read “Accident Insurance” is actually quite a difficult thing to obtain and most companies place this on their website as soon as they create a new company, we do not believe most of them as we understand how difficult it is to obtain an insurance policy which is why we offer our own $5,000 accident guarantee. This is something we are sure that companies who have just started an receive a small amount of customers are not prepared or can afford to offer. We recommend only two others tours who meet the same standards as us when it comes to your safety Vietnam Vespa Adventures and XO Tours.

Q: Can I drive the motorbike on the tour?


Q: Is there a weight limit?

I am sure there is but we have yet to find it. Please inform us if you are over 120 Kilo’s so that we can arrange to have one of our drivers who has a larger bike and perhaps works out at the gym.

Q: What should I wear on the tour?

Something comfortable! For me, this rules out any pants that have buttons on the back pocket.. you will be amazed at how this will indent your booty after just a few minutes on the bike.

Q: What should I not bring on the tour?

This has led to upsetting many women on our tour but please, LEAVE YOUR PURSE AT HOME!!! We will not allow you to wear this on our tour. Our recommendation is to bring a small camera that fits in your pocket and the money to pay for your tour. That’s it because we take care of everything on the tour.

Q: Why do I have to pay a deposit?

We are a small company who needs to have security that our customers are committed to coming onto our tour after they have made a booking.

Q: What is your deposit policy?

We require a 20% deposit on every booking we receive. If you cancel your booking within 96 hours from the start time of your tour we will give a complete refund on your deposit. Any cancellation after this time will not receive a refund. When you make a booking via our website if we have not received your deposit within 24 hours of your booking then we will remove your booking from our que and continue as if no booking has been made.

Q: Can I receive my deposit back if my flight is delayed or if we are sick?

No, we feel that you should be aware that flights are sometimes cancelled or delayed and that you should not make a booking for a tour so close to the time your flight lands. If you are sick, we understand that this can happen but we have no way of proving that you are actually ill or not feeling well. If you w0uld like our recommendation on how to not get sick while travelling please check out our blog.

Q: I need to cancel my tour but would like to reschedule so I do not lose my deposit!

We will make every possible attempt to get you onto another tour if you need to reschedule. We have tours running through out the entire day everyday except for the Tet Holiday so we feel that there is always a way to get you onto another tour. With this being said, sometimes we are fully booked and it is just not possible for us to move your tour to a different day.

Q: You canceled our tour due to rain or other issues, do I receive a refund?

100% of your pre-tour payment or deposit will be returned to you if we cancel our tours for any reason.

Q: Is riding on the motorbike safe?

People are always amazed at how comfortable and safe they feel after the initial first two minutes on the motorbike. The traffic seems insane when you are looking from the outside in! Once you get into it you understand that there is a flow and that the vehicles aren’t actually going that fast. We do take your safety as our #1 priority so all of our drivers have been tested and trained in safety when it comes to driving our customers through Ho Chi Minh City traffic.

Q: Will it rain?

I am not a weather man but I can confidently say if you are coming in between May-October it will most likely rain at least once a day. This is just the way it is. Unfortunately, it seems that it will always rain right before a tour as we pick up our customer. This is what we call Murphy’s Law in full effect 🙂  Here is the good news, even if it is a light or heavy rain it always seems to end within 15-45 minutes giving us the rest of the night for clear skies.

Q: Should I cancel the city tour if it rains?

No, we will adjust the itinerary for our city tour so that we can go some place that is covered for the first part of the tour to let the rain pass. If it does not seem like it will pass then we will cancel the tour ourselves at no cost to you. This is more likely to be canceled since the city tour is all about driving on the motorbike which makes for a bit of a wet and miserable time if it is raining all night.

Q: Should I cancel our food tour if it rains?

No, we watch the skies thoroughly during the raining season to see if we are going to have a miserable rain that will last all night. In this case, we will cancel the tour. If we have not canceled the tour ourselves we feel that this rain will pass within a short period of time and the tour will still be good to go. During the raining season our food tour will take place in spots that are covered so we can stay dry while we eat and have a merry time. While on the motorbike, we will wear raincoats to keep ourselves as dry as possible while on the streets.

Q: Is it safe to ride the motorbike in the rain?

Yes, it is safe to ride the motorbike in the rain. It is just a little wet or alot of wet depending on the rain. If the rain gets to heavy we will pull the tour over to stop for a coffee or juice as we let the rain subside until we would like to get onto the bikes again. We have no problem driving in a light drizzle. If it is raining hard, it is not truly a safety issue for us with our experienced and skilled drivers but more of a discomfort for our customers as we do not want you to feel like you jumped into a pool.

Q: Is this tour safe for Children?

Yes, we provide smaller helmets to fit their heads comfortably and securely. Our drivers are made aware that they will be driving a child ahead of time and we specifically place certain drivers with our children passengers. This isn’t because some drivers are safer than others but because we like for children to ride on certain bikes so that they can feel as comfortable as possible riding on the bike.

Q: Should my child ride with me or on their own bike?

Personally, I have a very young family with two brothers who are under 5 years old. I know that one brother would ride by himself while the other brother would need to ride with my mother. You know your children best so this will be a decision that is up to you. Our only policy on the matter  is that if your child is over 7 years old he will need to ride with a driver by himself because of their size. This would be best for the comfort of the Driver, Child, and Parent.