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SAI GON Single Tour
SAI GON Single Tour
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8:30 AM- 12PM

From busy streets to hidden back alleys in Vietnam our tour can range from the preferred saltier taste of Hanoi’s Vietnamese cuisine, the spicy love of the people from Hue, and the craving of sweet and sour flavors in Southern Vietnamese food.

Our Vietnamese Street Food Tour is a must do for anyone who is travelling in Vietnam that wants a night of fun, excellent Vietnamese food, and an unforgettable experience while enjoying the culture surrounding Vietnamese cuisine. Our motorbike tour often features many Saigon Tourists which makes the atmosphere come alive at night as if we were at a dinner party on wheels serving some of the best Vietnamese recipes around. This is the perfect Vietnamese motorbike tour in Ho Chi Minh City for food lovers that love to socialize and experience unique and tasty Vietnamese food.

Whether you are looking for a

sightseeing tour or to visit the unseen parts of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam...our different Saigon City Tours on motorcycles offered throughout the entire day have something for every Saigon Tourist travelling in Veitnam. While riding pillion on our motorcycles, weaving in and out of the traffic of Ho Chi Minh City is a thrilling experience that is a must do activity in Vietnam. If you are only in Vietnam for a short amount of time this is a great trip that will allow you to experience the history, culture, and most importantly the real life of a local in HCMC, Vietnam. Say no to the lame bus tours and yes to a real Saigon City Tour with an experienced, reputable, and safe Vietnamese tour company.

A Vietnamese Food tour that is one of a kind, this is the ultimate private

Vietnamese Street Food eating experience that is a must do for any serious foodie who wants to eat as much as possible from Vietnamese Street Food Vendors in Ho Chi Minh City. This private tour is always led by our best local foodie guides who will personally shows you their favorite spots to eat in the city. This is the ultimate Vietnamese food marathon and is not for the faint of heart or light eaters who are squeamish about eating at local street food vendors. When you book this experience, please let us know if there is a one or multiple specific Vietnamese dishes you would like to try.

Whether you are looking to provide a specific itinerary for your trip to Vietnam, want to ride in a van or car, try specific Vietnamese foods, or just want to do something that perhaps we aren’t offering. Contact us so we can do our best to provide you with a bespoke tour that suits your needs. We are

capable of mixing a Vietnamese food tour and Ho Chi Minh city/sights itinerary together for one super tour that is catered to your individual preference of what you want to see in Veitnam. We can adjust the Vietnam sights on your tour as well, or the Vietnamese food that you are looking to try here on your tour of Ho Chi Minh City. Do not hesitate to contact us for setting up the perfect tour of Saigon, Vietnam.


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