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4.99 Stars - From 3261 Reviews

Ho Chi Minh Motorbike Food Tours

Experiences You Won’t Ever Forget

We Love Food

Embark on a Culinary Adventure Like No Other!

Discover a world of flavors with our exquisite Food Menus – each dish carefully crafted to delight and surprise. No ordinary tour, our mission is to serve you the very best, steering clear of the mundane, and ensuring a memorable dining experience that will leave your taste buds dancing.

We Love People

Savor the Joy of Sharing a Meal with New Friends

At Back of the Bike Tours, we cherish the magic of “Breaking Bread” with fellow explorers. Our guides are warm, friendly faces eager to create connections that last. Form bonds over mouthwatering meals with newfound friends who are guaranteed to enhance your journey.

Food Tours are our Passion

Elevate Your Adventures with Our Passion-Packed Food Tours

We love crafting captivating experiences. Every route, every bite, is meticulously planned to offer you an immersive escapade. Our food tours are designed for every traveler, catering to diverse tastes. Choose from our array of experiences below and let your culinary journey begin!

Book now with Back of the Bike Tours and treat yourself to an unforgettable blend of flavors, friendships, and lasting memories!

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Big Eats Small Seats

From 1 pm-5 pm Every Afternoon. Envision yourself fully embraced by the local ambiance and genuine vibes. Just a little note, the seating might be slightly lower, enhancing that authentic local feel. If you’re curious about street food style, rest assured, we’ve got it all covered – your peace of mind is in expert hands with years of experience.

  • 69 Adult
  • 45 Youth
  • 15 Child
Taste of Vietnam

From 6 pm-10 pm Every Night. Get ready for a cozy dining experience at charming, family-run spots. Comfortable seating is on the menu here. And speaking of menus, ours is carefully crafted to be both delicious and unique, bringing you flavors that captivate without overwhelming. It’s a chance to savor Vietnam’s essence in every bite.

  • 77 Adult
  • 45 Youth
  • 15 Child
Chef’s Tour

From 5 pm-10 pm Indulge in an exploration tailored to your taste buds. Our guides craft a special menu based on your preferences, taking you from vibrant street food to cozy family-owned eateries. Savor a personalized culinary journey that captures the heart of Vietnam’s flavors, just for you! Book far In Advance to avoid disappointment!

  • 130 Adult
  • 45 Youth
  • 15 Child

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FAQ About Our Tours

General Inquiries

They love the tour! We have not seen a child who has ever seemed disappointed on any of our tours. We think that our company offers possibly the best thing to do as a family in Vietnam.

Yes, we provide smaller helmets to fit their heads comfortably and securely.

Our policy is that if your child is over 7 years old he will need to ride with a driver by himself because of their size.

People are always amazed at how comfortable and safe they feel after the initial first two minutes on the motorbike. Once you get into it you understand that there is a flow and that the vehicles aren’t actually going that fast. We do take your safety as our #1 priority so all of our drivers have been tested and trained in safety when it comes to driving our customers through Ho Chi Minh City.

Since I have a background in the restaurant industry, I have the advantage of being able to identify the behind-the-scenes events that are going on with food at our vendors. When we add a new restaurant or vendor to our tour we are always keeping food safety in mind before we will expose this to our customers.
It is always good to remember, that Local Vietnamese are as susceptible to foodborne illness as well, so if there were any issues with our vendors we would be alerted to it right away because our staff also eat with our customers.

We can accommodate almost all allergies on our Taste of Vietnam Tour but we need to know during your booking process so we can prepare in advance. During your Booking, please let us know about any allergies and please be specific as possible so that we can arrange proper food for your tour experience.

We don’t have a weight limit, but please inform us if you are over 100 kilos. We can arrange to be sure that we have the appropriate sized motorbike to sit a bigger person comfortably.

Yes, it is safe to ride a motorbike in the rain. It is just a little wet or a lot wet depending on the rain. We have no problem driving in a light drizzle. If it is raining hard with no wind, it is not truly a safety issue for us with our experienced and skilled drivers but more of a discomfort.

We require a 20% deposit on certain bookings. If you cancel your booking 24 hours before the start time of your tour we will give a complete refund on your deposit. Any cancellation after this time will not receive a refund.

We will make every possible attempt to get you onto another tour if you need to reschedule. We have tours running throughout the entire day every day except for the Tet Holiday.

We require a deposit because if one of our guests doesn’t show up for the tour, our guides still show up to pick them up if they haven’t canceled with us. This means we still want to pay our staff for their time.

100% of your pre-tour payment or deposit will be returned to you if we cancel our tours for any reason.

We are really sorry but we do not offer refunds for deposits for any type of cancellation 24 hours before a tour. When booking our tour, please consider that there are sometimes delays with flights, customs, and traffic from the airport.

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