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4.99 Stars - From 3405 Reviews

Our Saigon Street Food Tours Include:

  • English Speaking Driver/Guide ( 1 Guide Per Guest)
  • Motorbike, Driver, Helmets, and Raincoats
  • All Food and Drink on the tour (including Beer)
  • Centrally Located Pick Up and Drop Off (D1, D3, D4 or The Saigon Opera House)
  • 24 Hour Free Cancellation Notice before the Start of the tour for a Full Refund of the Deposit or Advanced Payment
  • $2500 Accident Insurance

Taste of Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Food Tour at Night

6 pm-10 pm Every Night

  • Adult: $89
  • Child (8-12): $50.00
  • Child:(7 and younger riding with parent): $15

Our Most Popular Ho Chi Minh Food Tour! This Menu is designed to please large mixed groups of people from any age range and fitness level who want to taste delicious Vietnamese food without feeling too challenged. It is also perfect for small groups/families, couples, and solo travelers.

The menu is a mix of unique only-in-Ho Chi Minh dishes and a couple of classics built with the idea that this tour will be delicious and fun for everyone. The seating on the tour is comfortable, the delicious food isn’t challenging, and the restaurant atmosphere is not street food-focused.

Caters to Allergies and Vegetarians?

Yes, this Saigon Food Tour menu was built to cater to food allergies and vegetarians in the back of our minds. We can change just a few things so that guests can still have the same experience as everyone else without meat or whatever food they may be allergic to.

Who is this Tour for?

Everybody! We created this experience to be a comfortable but unique experience that is suitable for all ages and types of travelers. The seating is comfortable enough at all of the restaurants featured on the tour and the vibe is completely relaxed and fun.

Taste of Vietnam Highlights

The Taste of Vietnam Saigon, food tour menu, is special and showcases many dishes you haven’t heard of. In two of the locations on the tour, we even had the chance to cook a bit with our customers.

Big Eats & Small Seats

Afternoon Saigon Street Food Tour

1 pm-5 pm Every Afternoon

  • Adult: $81
  • Child (8-12): $45.00
  • Child:(7 and younger riding with parent): $15

A street food tour catered to those who want to feel like Anthony Bourdain in Ho Chi Minh, immersing themselves into tiny and unique locations for local cuisine that will blow your socks off.

The menu features what we would consider more classic or popular street foods from Vietnam. The focus is on deliciousness, but we aren’t worried about comfort, hence the “small seats” in the name. This tour isn’t for everyone; if you feel uncomfortable spending 20-30 minutes at a time in super small chairs, this would not be the best experience for you.

Caters to Allergies and Vegetarians?

Unfortunately, catering to vegetarians or allergies on this tour is not possible. The street food vendors only offer one dish, and we can’t provide what we think would be an acceptable and delicious substitute for guests with food restrictions.

Who is this tour for?

The name of the tour says it all: Big Eats Small Seats. We will be getting extremely local with our street food on this tour, which means it would be best for customers who feel comfortable in really small stools. This is the “Anthony Bourdain” type experience for those foodies who want to get into the mix in Saigon. If that doesn’t sound nice to you, I recommend the Taste of Vietnam Tour.

tour Highlights

This is a local afternoon Saigon food tour, which means the traffic is much easier during the time of the day to navigate. We can cover a ton of ground in a short amount of time, which gives a better insight into the layout of Ho Chi Minh City. This tour features some of our favorite street food vendors, like our Bun Thit Nuong lady, whom we have known for many years and an absolute treat of a woman. We also offer delicious seafood from one of the best food stops in all of district 10!

A Chef’s Tour

Private Street Food Tour

5 pm – 10 pm (Book in Advance)

  • Adult: $150.00

This is a private street food-focused tour with an ad-hoc menu using our local food knowledge to build a tasting menu that fits you. This tour is fast-paced and meant to show off as much food as possible in a 5-hour time frame.

Our Chef Tour Menu is always different and based on our customer’s experience with Vietnamese food. We will always inquire about anything they might want to try while in Saigon. We do our best to search out what we think you would enjoy during the night and give you an experience catered just for you.

cater to vegetarians or food allergies?

Unfortunately, catering to vegetarians for this experience would be extremely tricky. The street food vendors only offer one dish and it isn’t possible for us to provide what we think would be an acceptable and delicious substitute for guests with food restrictions.

Who is this Tour For?

This tour is for extreme foodies that want something private and a bit more in-depth. We will cover everything from street food to small local eateries during this tour if you want. The menu and route are completely made up as we go along and catered to the customers on the tour. Buyer beware, we will completely stuff you to the gills on this tour trying to show you all of the food in Saigon!

Tour Highlights

The Chef’s Tour is the exact tour that I would want for myself when traveling to a new city for a short period of time. We are willing to show off whatever we think you might enjoy, whether that is a menu of classic Vietnamese dishes or being challenged with unique flavors you might not love but are excited to try! With the extra hour on this tour as well, we have a chance to take a bit more time to eat at some places I might not get to on a more time-restricted tour.

Can’t decide? Let me explain what we do and which Ho Chi Minh food tour is right for you!

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The Best Saigon Street Food tour!

Saigon Food Tours is the Tastiest way to Travel around Ho Chi Minh.

With clear bowls of aromatic noodle soups down one small alley and a bakery with Banh Mi sandwiches down another, Ho Chi Minh City is foodie heaven. Explore what Saigon offers foodies best by jumping on a food tour in Ho Chi Minh City.

Our award-winning 5-star Ho Chi Minh City food tours are the best in Saigon, complemented by witty and charming local guides. Enhance your travel experience with their generosity, knowledge, and Vietnamese hospitality while chowing down on terrific Vietnamese Food.

Who is Back of the Bike Tours?

Owned and Operated by an American Chef, Back of the Bike Tours has been taking hungry travelers to some of the best street eats in town to satisfy their hunger for learning and exploring. We absolutely love hospitality, tourism, and above everything else… TASTY FOOD!

We have set the standard for Culinary Tours in Ho Chi Minh City. We have been celebrated in The Guardian and The New York Times. Our food heroes like Masterchef Christine Ha have toured Saigon with us.

After all of that, we’re most proud of the feedback from our wonderful guests on TripAdvisor. You can check out our nearly 3,000 reviews, making us a Top Activity and Food Tour in Ho Chi Minh City for over 11 years!

Which Saigon FOOD TOUR is Right for You?

Ho Chi Minh City is unique because we have two styles of food tours around the city.

The first and most popular option is the Motorbike Food Tour.

Zipping in the traffic of Ho Chi Minh City with a local guide is a thrill. Saigon unfolds and opens up as local guides teach you about culture and sights while cruising on the motorbike.

The other option is a walking food tour, which can compensate for its lack of thrill with patience and depth while we explore the city on foot.

If you are nervous about being on a motorbike or want something more budget-friendly, this is a great option to learn more and eat some great Vietnamese food.

Ho Chi minh Food Tours by Motorbike

Our Motorbike Food Tours have similar aspects: We provide pick up and drop off in the city center. Our team is all English Speaking Driver Guides who are highly trained in safety and customer service. 

A dedicated Support Team helps our tours run smoothly like butter. Digital Photos of your Tour are sent to you within 24 hours after your tour. One of the most important parts of the tour is that all Food and Drink are Included in the Price. Every tour has accident insurance coverage.

We can easily accommodate Vegetarians and Food Allergies with advance notice on our Taste of Vietnam food tour. Our tours are suitable for the whole family, and we offer special pricing for children 7 and under riding with their parents and a discount for kids 7-12 years old.

The difference between our Ho Chi Minh Food Tours will be Menu and style. So, look at each sample menu to see what type of menu and setting you prefer for your trip.

If you are looking for a Street food-focused tour, our Big Eats & Small Seats and Chef’s Tour will be your best option. If you want to try some Tasty Vietnamese Food in a fun, comfortable setting, our Taste of Vietnam Night Food Tour will be right up your alley.

Whether you are new to Vietnamese food or a total foodie, Back of the Bike Tours has a food tour for every type of traveler! Learn more about our Motorbike Food Tours and Walking Food Tours below.

Check Out Our Taste of Vietnam Food Tour

Don’t Just take Our word for it…

“Keep doing what you’re doing! I’ve booked many motorbike food tours in Ho Chi Minh City and none of them compared to your tour. Super well-curated, no gimmicks, a good mix of local street food, slightly more comfortable places, and really off the beaten path, no other tourists!”
– Rozz

Walking Saigon Food Tour

A Walking Food Tour in Ho Chi Minh City is a great way to get a feel for the vibe of Saigon while tasting its culinary delights and that’s why we created our Saigon Street Food Stroll!

With a great route and excellent guide, you can participate in a walking food tour showing the history, culture, and street food.

Our English Speaking Guides will take you through an interesting cultural perspective with discussions about modern society and the Saigonese way of life. Take a breath of the old history of Ho Chi Minh City as we point out and discuss the city layout, design, and architecture along the way. Of course, the main focus of our tour will be to show off delicious Vietnamese cuisine as we journey to some of the best delights available along the way.

A bit different from other walking tours, we will not be using any taxi cabs to get from place to place; we have designed an excellent route that will be at a friendly pace suitable for most anyone. We will meet with the rest of the group at a designated location before we begin our journey through the city. During the tour, all food and drinks are included and we will also capture digital photos during the trip that we send the next day via email.

In case of rain, our support crew is prepared with rain ponchos and shoe protectors to keep you and your feet dry!

Saigon Street Food Stroll


  • Adult: $73.15
  • Child (8-12): $45.00

Explore the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s District 3 in a walking food tour that will leave you happy, full, and filled with a new appreciation for Saigon’s history and culture. Known as one of the “Top Neighborhoods in the World to Live”. We will take a 4km walk eating delicious Vietnamese food while learning more about Saigon’s French Architecture, Modern Society, and the Unique Culture that gives Saigon its a special feeling. Our food on this tour is great for beginners looking to explore a safe and delicious way to taste the best of Ho Chi Minh Cities’ tasty delicacies. This walk is medium-level intensity as some of the sidewalks can be uneven or sometimes filled with traffic during rush hour.

The menu is a mix of unique only-in-Saigon dishes and a couple of classics built with the idea that this tour will be delicious and fun for everyone. The seating on the tour is comfortable, the food while delicious isn’t challenging, and the restaurant atmosphere is not street food focused.

This Tour Caters to Allergies and Vegetarians

This menu was built with catering to food allergies and vegetarians in the back of our minds. We are able to change just a few things so that guests can still have the same experience as everyone else without meat or whatever food they may be allergic to.

Alcohol(beer) is Included

Most of our guests are on vacation and I absolutely love to encourage having a few drinks on the tour if you would like. When else will you have a designated driver taking your around while you drink and eat?

Relaxed, EAsy, and Fun Vibe

The Taste of Vietnam was built for everyone. Families with children, Solo Travelers, older couples, and anyone else you can think of can enjoy this experience and feel that they did something unique, fun, and special

Ho Chi Minh Food Tour Q&A

Budget is important and student tours could be appropriate for certain travelers on a tight budget. You should know that these tours are more of a language exchange for students rather than a real tour company. This is a good thing for the students, but as professional tour operators, we think they are too risky for a traveler, especially when riding on someone’s motorbike.

The difference in price vs our tour isn’t even comparable if you get sick from dirty street food or have a minor accident which would cost way more in travel time lost or medical expenses.

This is why our price is slightly higher. You can read more about our pricing here.

This is going to depend on the locations chosen by your tour operator.

Cheap street food and dirty street food go hand in hand with each other.

That’s why we only use restaurants and vendors that we know and trust. We eat at these food locations multiple times before considering offering them to our guests.

If there is any slight inkling that the food is not prepared in a safe way, we don’t offer it on our tours.

So, yes, The food on our tour is safe because we understand food safety. Our owner, Mr. Fredrick, has been certified in Food Safety in the US as required by law as a Chef.

We do not recommend for travelers just eat any food off of the street unless they know what you are looking for in terms of the quality of the vendor.

You can read more about where we eat on the tour, for more information.

Our Taste of Vietnam tour at night offers food from mostly small family-owned Vietnamese restaurants. The food stops on this gastronomic tour are not only about having unique and delicious food tastings but also the ambiance of our food stops.

Our other tours focus more on street food vendors, although it’s still a good mix with some shops. We recommend the Taste of Vietnam to anyone concerned about not wanting to eat street food.

There are 2 different types of locations that we use on our food tours.

No matter what type of food location we use, Food safety is always our first concern!

The first type of location we use is Street Food Vendors. This is often imagined as a small lady serving one dish on the side of the road or in the alley with small plastic chairs for seating. These types of food tour locations can be exciting for those looking to dive into street food culture.

This type of food tour has been allocated as our Big Eats & Small Seats tour that we operate every afternoon. Our Chef’s Tour also offers Street Food Vendors. Many customers absolutely love exploring Saigon’s culinary scene through street food vendors, but we understand it isn’t for everyone.

The second type of Vietnamese food we explore on our ho chi minh food tours is small shops or local restaurants. These small family-owned operations offer tasty and delicious Vietnamese food but a more comfortable atmosphere than street food vendors with small seats.

Shops like these with actual kitchens available in the restaurant are able to serve some interesting Vietnamese food that isn’t found at street food vendors in Ho Chi Minh City. Our Taste of Vietnam Tour is catered to using these types of shops, and this tour is recommended for absolutely anyone looking for a fun night out on a Ho Chi Minh Food Tour.

Absolutely, we can accommodate Vegetarians and Allergies on almost every food tour we offer.

The world has changed for the better with many more people reducing or avoiding meat consumption. Vietnam has a rich culinary background of vegetarian variations of their classic dishes, we do our very best to bring that taste to vegetarians on our tours. We highly recommend our Big Eats & Small Seats and Taste of Vietnam tours for Vegetarians. We have a dedicated support team that helps us arrange vegetarian options for our customers so they can participate in the group with no hiccups.

We can accommodate almost every allergy on our food tours. The only allergy that we can not control is MSG. It is commonly used in so many things in Vietnam that it is just impossible to guarantee on a tour.

Yes, our motorbike food tour is safe.

We spend a lot of time in our hiring and training process for all of our guides. Safety is always our #1 priority and we will never allow anyone to drive our customers if they show any signs of not being a strong enough driver who is capable of navigating the streets and escorting our guests. We personally ride with every single one of our drivers to ensure that this is true before we allow any guests on their motorbikes.

To help ease minds, we also include a $2500 accident insurance policy for all customers on any of our Motorbike Food Tours! We have never had to use it, but it’s important for every customer to double-check with whoever they are booking with that they are covered.

We are not the cheapest tour option in Ho Chi Minh City, but that also isn’t our strategy. We are passionate about being the best, which costs a little bit more, but we think it’s worth it when we compare ourselves to the other guys.

Here is the real deal, behind-the-scenes pricing that goes on for food tours like us.

Back of the Bike Tours doesn’t have young untrained students picking up customers and shuffling them between random cheap street food vendors. We have set menus and routes that guarantee a great experience for our guests operated by a whole team of trained professional drivers and support crew.

Every single tour has a Tour leader, which is a manager for the tour. These experienced team members relay important tour information to our guests while ensuring our tours are consistently providing excellent customer service and hospitality.

We operate with 1 support team member for every 4 guests on a tour. These team members are crucial to having a smooth tour but also providing safety for not only our guests but our drivers. Which as their employer, we do our very best to guarantee our driver’s safety and comfort in our unique work environment.

Salaries for our leaders, drivers, and support team are some of the highest in the industry, which goes directly against the grain in a niche filled with student drivers offering cheap motorbike tours in exchange for learning English.

A motorbike food tour in Vietnam shouldn’t be operated by unskilled, untrained, and underpaid students, it’s just dangerous, illegal, and unprofessional in our opinion.

We work very hard to put together a menu that is delicious and interesting, which I believe given our success has been the strategy that most travelers appreciate. This means our food isn’t as inexpensive as many would think.

Yes, there is cheaper food that we could use on our tours, but our passion is serving delicious, tasty, and interesting food which doesn’t always coincide with inexpensive. We also concern ourselves a lot about location, “Will our guests feel comfortable in this setting?”, which means we will opt for a pricier location if the atmosphere is great.

Besides the obvious operation costs like food and tour salaries, we have a full-time office team who manage bookings, guest relations, and human resources for all of our drivers, leaders, and support team.

Since we are a legally fully licensed tour operator, we have to pay taxes, license fees, office rent, employee and customer insurance, and as you can imagine the list goes on.

Comparing our prices to food tours across the globe, we believe that our tours are extremely competitive, especially when taking into account that our motorbike food tours are all-inclusive(including beer and cider) trips with a 1:1 guest-to-guide ratio.

We hope this sheds some light on the price of our motorbike food tours in Ho Chi Minh City and also that we are a company that cares about its team members, and guests, and provides the best possible experience we can on all of our tours.

We have our booking page here listed with all of the tours and excursions we offer. Select the date and number of guests you are looking for to add the tour to your cart! After the basic information is collected for the booking, please submit it. We get back to every booking in less than 24 hours all year except for Tet Holiday.

Once your booking has been submitted, please check your email to provide additional information so we can get you covered by our accident insurance. After collecting your information and a deposit(if necessary for private and larger bookings), we will get your tour confirmed right away.