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A Taste of Vietnam

Night Saigon Food Tour

A Taste of Vietnam

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A Once in a Lifetime, Can’t Miss, Saigon Food Tour Experience for Everyone! Explore a tasting menu of dining stops that show off the best of the best in Ho Chi Minh City with our Taste of Vietnam Tour.

Experience an incredible nighttime adventure of delicious Vietnamese food with our team of local experts. Immerse yourself in Vietnamese cuisine and culture in a stress-free night out as you zip around the city on the back of a motorbike driven by our English-speaking guides.

We have gone far and wide to find the best foods for you to experience. If you’re a “foodie” or not, our tasting menu is created for travelers of all types. This Saigon Food Tour includes stops at 5 different dining locations. Hop on the back of the bike and experience our Taste of Vietnam tour.

A Taste of Vietnam Saigon Food Tour Highlights:

  • See, hear, and experience over 5 Different Districts!
  • Enjoy an appetizer of Grilled Rice Paper a.k.a Vietnamese Pizza.
  • Our Team will Grill Up some Delicious BBQ seafood, Goat, Pork, and Vegetables right at the table!
  • Taste One-of-a-Kind Unique Crab Soup that is like nothing you have had before.
  • Experience Fresh Wraps with 3 types of Pork and 3 Dippings Sauces.
  • Refreshing Frozen Yogurt with 9 Different Toppings

Note: Menu and Itinerary Can Change due to the availability of our Local Vendors.

5:50 pm

*Book in Advance*

4-4.5 Hours



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8-12 Years



2-7 Years

Perfect for Families, Couples, and Solo Travelers. This Tour is Perfect for bookings with varied dietary requirements among your group.

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Tour Includes.
All Food and Drink(including beers), Central Pick-Up/Drop-Off, Digital Photos, and Complimentary Opt-In Insurance.

Dietary Information.
Substitutions are available on this Tour. This Menu will cater to nearly every allergy and vegetarian/vegan request if we are notified at the time of your booking.

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Saigon Food Tour Highlights
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FAQ About The Taste of Vietnam Food Tour

If your question is not answered here please reach out to us!

If you are looking to experience Vietnamese food and the local life, but you want to do it in a comfortable and safe setting, this is the tour for you. I developed this menu to feature unique and excellent food that will please nearly every person I can imagine but to do it in a way that is exceptionally comfortable relative to the typical local setting in Vietnam.

You will be pleasantly surprised by our local restaurant choices on this tour! And, if you are traveling with a group with varied tastes and some people are a bit worried about eating local, this is the tour for you! I can promise this tour will be a winner amongst 99% of people, and no one is going home hungry, even kids!

Absolutely, this tour is suitable for Vegetarians! We work with the local vendors to provide an appropriate substitution that works well with what everyone else is eating, so as a vegetarian, you don’t miss a thing!

We can work around nearly every allergy on this tour with no issues.

This isn’t a “street food” tour, so the rain is less of an issue for us compared to tours that are street food-focused; we focus on small locally owned restaurants/shophouses that provide us with cover from the rain while we eat and enjoy ourselves.

We do have to move from restaurant to restaurant by motorbike in the rain, but we have rain ponchos, we drive nice and easy, and our drivers all are trained in safe driving practices for the tour.

A little note: the rainy season is quite long in Southern Vietnam, and we all are very experienced in driving in the rain; it’s just an ordinary daily experience and part of motorbike life in Vietnam for us.

If it does rain on your tour, being on the back of the bike while traveling through the rain will be an excellent memory you will cherish!

Heck Yes! You are on vacation, and you aren’t driving! Please enjoy yourself! The popular drink in Vietnam is beer, so we have that available at all of our savory locations on tour. If you aren’t a beer drinker, then we can arrange some cider for you if you would prefer that!

We have the chance to have a little bit of rice wine at a couple of our stops, but I do limit the drinking of spirits to a couple of spots for safety reasons, of course. We all know how spirits can sneak up on us sometimes, and I don’t want to put anyone at risk, including my guides, who must balance you on the bike!

The big difference is the comfort level on the Taste of Vietnam Tour. If I were taking out my parents, I would choose the Taste of Vietnam tour over our Big Eats Small Seats because getting down into the local style seating will be uncomfortable for them. I want them to enjoy the experience and not have their mind wandering to “When can I get up? This hurts my knees.”

If I was booking for a group and I know some people in the group are a bit picky or not as adventurous of eaters. The Taste of Vietnam is the right choice; all the food is unique and tasty but not challenging! We also have the advantage of being able to make substitutions for allergies and vegetarians on the Taste of Vietnam; this is something I can not do on the Big Eats Small Seats tour.

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