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Big Eats & Small Seats

Afternoon Vietnam Street Food Tour

Big Eats & Small Seats

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Explore the big flavors of Ho Chi Minh City on small plastic stools with our Big Eats & Small Seats Vietnam Street Food Tour. Experience the tastes of our favorite street food vendors in HCM, not the same flavors as in all the guidebooks. In 4 hours, You’ll experience a large amount of Ho Chi Minh City from the Back of our Motorbikes as we make our way across the city to eat some of the tastiest secrets Saigon has on offer.

Big Eats & Small Seats Vietnam Street Food Tour Highlights:

  • See, hear, and experience over 5 Different Districts!
  • Visit a Local Park in District 1 to enjoy a Fresh Papaya Salad.
  • Taste Seafood Dishes like Crab, Scallops, Clams and More!
  • Eat a Southern Classic Dish of Grilled Pork, Spring Roll, and Rice Noodles
  • Devour Specialty Mini Pancakes on the edge of China Town
  • Refreshing Frozen Yogurt with 9 Different Toppings

Note: Menu and Itinerary Can Change due to the availability of our Local Vendors.

12:55 pm

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4 Hours



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Perfect for Families, Couples, and Solo Travelers
Most Suitable for Young and Flexible Guests since all of our seats are small on this tour

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Tour Includes.
All Food and Drink(including beers), Central Pick-Up/Drop-Off, Digital Photos, and Complimentary Opt-In Insurance.

Dietary Information.
This tour contains shellfish and pork. Substitutions are not available for this Vietnam Street Food Tour. Please check our Taste of Vietnam Tour for vegetarian requests.

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Vietnam Street Food Tour Highlights
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FAQ About The Big Eats & Small Seats Tour

We answer questions about our Afternoon Vietnam Street Food Tour here. If there is something we missed, be sure to click the “contact us” button below to reach out to us.

This Vietnam Street Food Tour was designed with the adventurous traveler in mind – the one who craves a dive into the charming small eateries and quaint outdoor vendors of Ho Chi Minh City. It’s a tour that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s exactly why I’ve crafted the distinct Big Eats & Small Seats Vietnam Street Food Tour, to offer a unique but more local experience separate from our equally delightful Taste of Vietnam Night Food Tour.

Absolutely, no need to worry – our food is top-notch. While some other tour operators prioritize affordability and might serve anything off the street, we have a different approach.

We carefully select exceptional vendors for our tours. This might lead to a slightly higher cost, as we partner with reputable vendors who prioritize quality. Our core focus is ensuring the best culinary experience, where both taste and safety matter.

Here’s the extra step we take: before any dish reaches your plate on our Vietnam street food tour, we’ve already done our homework. Our team samples the food on separate days, leaving no room for uncertainties. Your safety and satisfaction are our utmost priorities.

The Big Eats & Small Seats isn’t suitable if your group has dietary needs like Vegetarian, No Pork, No Fish Sauce, and No Seafood. Check out our Taste of Vietnam Tour or opt for a private Big Eats & Small Seats tour (details below).

It’s extremely important to us that we provide a great tour to everyone and do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs as well.

However, the challenge arises with the Big Eats & Small Seats. We can’t offer ideal substitutions in most situations on this tour. Bringing outside food to a local vendor’s establishment isn’t respectful. These unique vendors focus on one dish, and suggesting changes isn’t common here.

You might wonder, “Why not order something else?” Well, these shops in Vietnam usually specialize in a single dish, like seafood. They don’t typically have diverse options.

We’re committed to delivering an authentic experience while respecting local customs and practices.

The Private Tour Option amps up your adventure! You’ll have a dedicated leader and support crew, ensuring a smooth trip. Got dietary preferences or special cravings? We’ve got you covered. Want to start the tour at your convenience? No worries – just reach out via email, Facebook, or WhatsApp. It’s your journey, hassle-free, and tailored just for you.

While the Big Eats & Small Seats Tour immerses you in Saigon’s local food scene with a genuine touch and super small seating, the Taste of Vietnam Tour offers cozy dining at family-run spots with carefully crafted, deliciously unique flavors.

Bottom Line, If you’re traveling with older guests or a diverse group with dietary needs and varying food preferences, I’d recommend choosing the Taste of Vietnam Tour over the Big Eats Small Seats.

Definitely! Ideal family fun. Our group tours are family-friendly, especially the Big Eats & Small Seats Tour – kids love it. Families on our afternoon street food tour have a fantastic time. Kids enjoy the food but really love being on the bikes.