Thuy the best private tours in HCMC

Thuy Kubanoff, CEO

Studied Hospitality in Ho Chi Minh City before founding Back of the Bike Tours in 2011



Experience the best motorbike tour in Saigon

Chad Kubanoff, Founder

Chad lived in Ho Chi Minh City for 6 years eating his way through the streets. He currently lives in Philadelphia, PA working at his new Vietnamese Restaurant, Same Same But Different


Ho Chi Minh City Street Food Tour Guide

Fredrick Wilson, Director

Fredrick spent his first year in Vietnam travelling the country to experience the different faces of Vietnam. He currently resides in Ho Chi Minh City and leads the Chef Tour for Back of the Bike Tours


Hoa Tour Guide in Saigon Vietnam

Hoa, Tour Manager

Ms Hoa is a young and vibrant youth who shows the typical characteristics of a Saigonese. She has recently graduated her school with a major in Foreign Trade.



Ky Tour Guide Saigon Street Food

Ky, Tour Leader

Ky grew up in China Town here in Saigon. She speaks fluent Vietnamese, English, and Mandarin.



Thao Motorcycle Tours in Saigon Guide

Thao, Tour Leader

Thao comes for Can Tho south of Ho Chi Minh City. She enjoys tourism and hopes to continue her career in it for the future.



Thi Tour Guide in Vietnam

Thi, Tour Driver

Thi has a 4 year old daughter who lives in the Mekong Delta who he spoils with toys on every visit



Uyen Guided Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam

Uyen, Tour Driver

Studies international trade and is currently on her internship for school. Her favorite hobby is travel, since she is passionate about experiencing the different cultures of the world.



Duy Tour Guide Private Tours Saigon Vietnam

Anh Duy, Tour Leader

Although very young, Mr Duy shows a great passion and work ethic in everything he does. Earning himself the right to be our youngest tour leader at Back of the Bike Tours



Tam City Tour Guide in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Tam, Tour Driver

Spending most of her days as a student studying. Her intellect, charm, and sincerity show’s why the next generation of Vietnam will play such an excellent role in the development of Vietnam



Thanh Vietnam Tour Guide in HCMC

Thanh, Tour Driver

Nicknamed Double Thanh as short for her name which includes Thanh Twice, She is 19 and a Sophmore studying as an English Major. Creative and intelligent her hobbies lean towards reading, music, and art.



Phung Motorbike tour guide in Saigon

Phuong, Tour Driver

Mr. Phuong has lived in Ho Chi Minh City for over 20 years. He is currently a student of International Business.



Thuy Motorbike Tours in Vietnam

Thuy, Tour Driver

A final year student of International Business, she spends her weekdays as an intern. Once graduated, she hopes to start her own import/export company. She hopes her future business will allow her time for her hobby of exploring the world.



Nhung City Tours in Ho Chi Minh City

Nhung, Tour Driver

Nhung currently works a morning job as an office secretary but she loves the chance at night to cruise the city of Ho Chi Minh City while showing off some of its best aspects to travelers.



Nguyet Motorbike Tour Guide in Ho Chi Minh City

Nguyet, Tour Driver

She comes from Binh Dinh, located in Central Vietnam. Currently a banking student, She hopes to travel after graduation in pursuit of seeing snow for her first time.



Dao Tour Guide in Ho Chi Minh City

Dao, Tour Driver

Smart, funny, and charming she drivers for Back of the Bike Tours when not studying



Oanh Street Food Tour Guide in Ho Chi Minh City

Oanh, Tour Driver

One of our youngest drivers, Ms Oanh has a passion for travelling and learning about other cultures. She believes that providing private motorbike tours is an excellent way to meet and interact with people from around the globe.



Nghi safest tours in HCMC, Vietnam

Nghi, Support Team

Coming from the Lam Dong Province which is near Da Lat, Mr Nghi spent his youth farming coffee. His sister is Ms Thuy, Owner of BOTBT Tours. He is happy to work with his sister in Saigon now.




Linh, Tour Driver

Ms Linh comes from Tay Nguyen in the central highlands of Vietnam. She loves traveling to discover the world and its varying cultures.



Safest Tours in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Support Staff

Duc Anh, Support Team

A young student who currently helps us on the tour. Since starting to work with us he has become quite the photographer after thousands of photo’s on the tours.