The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

If you are following us on our YouTube Channel (and you should!) you probably would have watched all of our top 5 already. Our goal as always is to provide travelers with the best spots, according to us, for various Vietnamese street food or activities here in Saigon. One that was probably requested the most was a Top 5 vegetarians restaurants in this city. We take vegetarian customers on our tour almost daily, so finding 5 places for great vegetarian food in Ho Chi Minh City was not too much a challenge for us, and more an excellent opportunity for delicious food. Below is our video with the Top 5 Vegetarian restaurants in Saigon, scroll down below for the list of addresses!



#5 Cơm Chay Mani, 291/2 Võ Văn Tần Street, District 3

#4 Rou Vegetarian Restaurant, 37B Cô Bắc Street, District 1

#3 3 Lá Restaurant, 32A Cao Bá Nhạ Street, District 1

#2 Bông Súng, 86 Nguyễn Du Street, District 1
(dishes in the thumbnails are Phở Cuốn, Diếp Cuốn, Gỏi Bắp Chuối Chiên, Cơm Trộn Bông Súng, Bún Chả Giò)

#1 Hum, 32 Võ Văn Tần Street, District 1.


Have you tried any of these restaurants? which one was your favorite ? Let us know in the comments below!



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