Eating Live Larvae Coconut Worm Bizarre Vietnamese Street Food

Although you can’t find this on our Food Tour, We decided to give it a go and show people what it is all about.

Back in December, we decided it was time to try one of the most bizarre Vietnamese street-food ever, the coconut worm (đuông dừa or Live Larvae Coconut Worm). The (Its poetic name was given by the scientist community) is a relatively large beetle living in the forest of South East Asia, a real threat for plantations as it lays its eggs inside palm and coconut trees which can be completely eaten from the inside by the larvae. Yet this worm is considered as a delicacy in South Vietnam for its sweet coconut taste and is usually eaten alive with chili sauce:


So what do you think of the Vietnamese coconut worm? Have you ever tried some of the other bizarre Vietnamese food, such as the balut (hột vịt lộn, the infamous duck embryo) which we serve on our Ho Chi Minh Food Tours? Tell us in the comments below!


Street Food in Ho Chi Minh City

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