How Much Does Pho Cost in Vietnam?

How much does pho cost in vietnam?

You might be looking at budgeting your upcoming trip to Vietnam or just curious about the difference in price between Vietnam and your local Vietnamese restaurant. Well, I got you covered; since I recently did a huge series trying to find the best pho in Ho Chi Minh City, eating over 11 bowls in just a few weeks, I can easily give you the average price and what you can expect to pay.

So, How much does Pho cost in Vietnam? The cost of a bowl of Pho depends a lot on what types of cuts of beef you choose to eat. The most expensive is the “mixed” or “Thap Cam,” which is going to be a little bit of everything they have at the restaurant stall. On average, you could expect to spend between 50,000 – 75,000 VND for your bowl of Pho Bo. But some more popular places with a good reputation will be closer to 100,000 VND per Bowl.

Exploring the Cost of Pho

Eating a bowl of pho is an iconic experience when traveling through Vietnam. The price of pho can vary depending on the region and the type of establishment, like a well-known shop or just a lady on the street. In bustling cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, a bowl of pho will cost more compared to smaller towns and the countryside. Relatively speaking, though, a bowl of pho in Vietnam is affordable even when you go to well-known shops.

Street vendors sell pho at lower prices, while shophouses usually charge a bit more. Whether you opt for a simple bowl of pho bo (beef pho), pho ga (chicken pho), or even a vegetarian option, the prices are usually in the same ballpark, but Pho Bo will always be the more expensive option.

How Much is a Bowl of Pho Ga in Vietnam?

Pho Ga is Pho noodles with Chicken broth and pulled chicken meat and is a variation of the classic beef pho. I usually don’t eat pho ga often, as I’ll steer more towards glass noodles instead of rice noodles if I’m feeling like chicken broth. The cost is similar to a bowl of pho bo. You can expect to pay between 50,000 VND and 70,000 VND for a bowl of Chicken Pho.

The price will vary depending on your location, the type of vendor or shop, and your choice of chicken meat. The chicken used in a bowl of Pho Ga in Vietnam is usually a free-range chicken that is packed with a chewier texture than the average chicken you find in the US or Australia. This means that the price of the chicken isn’t really as cheap as you think it might be since these chickens need a lot of space to move around, which costs more to raise.

If you get a chance, try out the unhatched chicken eggs. While they may seem a bit strange to look at, they are tasty in a bowl of aromatic Pho Ga.

How Much is a Bowl of Pho Bo in Vietnam?

As mentioned earlier, this is a dish you want to eat when visiting Vietnam, even if it is just to say that you did it! The price for Pho Bo is between 50,000 VND – 75,000 VND depending on your location, type of vendor, and your meat toppings. You can find Pho Bo anywhere and the price will be similar to what I’ve mentioned. It usually won’t be much cheaper as Beef is a very expensive choice of protein in Vietnam as their isn’t much of a cattle industry here.

You can find some much more expensive Pho’s, though. A great example is Pho Thin by Sol here in Saigon, which offers a bowl of Wagyu Beef Pho for around 288,000 VND, and that isn’t even the most expensive bowl of Pho on the menu!

How much does Beef Pho cost in Vietnam?

How Much is a Vegetarian Pho in Vietnam?

Vegetarian pho, like many vegetarian dishes in Vietnam, is delicious and very close in flavor to that of normal Pho. This dish is usually packed with lots of mushrooms, while tailored for vegetarians, it still maintains the blend of spices that mirror the traditional pho taste. The price for a bowl of vegetarian pho will usually cost about 45,000 – 50,000 VND at a local vegetarian shop. The price will rise significantly by about double if you choose to at a more established and comfortable restaurant that specializes in Vegetarian food. Compared to chicken (pho ga) and beef (pho bo), vegetarian pho is slightly less expensive but also a testament to the Vietnamese ability to create wonderful tasting Vegetarian food.

Price Variance of Vietnamese Dishes

Vietnamese cuisine has striking price variances across different dishes and style of restaurants, particularly when it comes to pho, Vietnam’s iconic noodle soup. The cost of a bowl can differ significantly, whether you are in downtown Ho Chi Minh City at a shop with a great reputation or just a small vendor in an outside district or in the countryside. Typically, prices are only presented in VND so you should become familiar with the exchange rate to your local currency before you travel to Vietnam. The exchange rate can fluctuate quite a bit in just a few month’s time. Understanding the price difference between small street vendors, shops, and bigger restaurants is important because some people can feel like they are being taken advantage of, when that isn’t really the case.. its just the way the price works here because overhead costs between a vendor and a shop house has a stark contrast.

What a Meal in Vietnam Typically Costs

Vietnam has food prices that will fit nearly any budget. A typical Vietnamese meal at a street food vendor will cost only a couple of dollars. While it’s easy to spend money at nicer establishments as mentioned before with pho, You can find a bowl of pho, for about 50,000 vnd or easily spend 100,000 VND for a bowl. Despite this, eating your way through Vietnam remains incredibly affordable, making it an ideal destination for food lovers looking to indulge in authentic Vietnamese cuisine without breaking the bank.

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