Exploring Ho Chi Minh City

Exploring Ho Chi Minh City

Back in May, Our team and I had the chance to go on a custom History tour with a man from the UK named Tim Doling. Tim’s knowledge of Historic Vietnam may be unparalleled by any foreigner living in Vietnam. Researching into some of the most historical figures, architecture, railways, and history of Vietnam, Tim will blow you away on his Historic Walking Tour of Ho Chi Minh City or Cho Lon.


When meeting with Tim, we had the chance to sit down over coffee and discuss the details of Historic Vietnam starting around the 1600’s into the 1950’s with the exit of the French from Vietnam.


This chance to jump into your imagination and experience Saigon in the past is one that has stuck with me since. It has changed the way I even drive down the street. Now my eyes are constantly darting to the sides looking for old architecture that I might have driven by thousands of times before but never realized.


This has also led to a major shift into our City Tours here at Back of the Bike Tours. Armed with new knowledge from an excellent Historian we were able to adapt some of the things we learned working with Tim Doling to help us create what we feel must be the best City Tour on a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh City.


Tim has actually released a new book called “Exploring Ho Chi Minh City”. This book has 13 interesting walking tours for anyone who is interested in diving into the History and Architecture of old Ho Chi Minh City. If you are an expatriate living here in Ho Chi Minh City, please get up right now and go to the book store to purchase your copy.


You can also contact Tim to set up a walking history tour with him on his website at www.historicvietnam.com


As always, if you are interesting in experiencing the History and modern culture of Saigon you can check out our Morning City Tour all done with local, experienced, and professionally trained drivers. To learn even more about Ho Chi minh City explore our articles in depth!

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