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How to Call a Taxi in Vietnam?

Can You Vape in Vietnam? : Full Guide to Vaping in Vietnam 2019

Can You Smoke in Vietnam?

- May 24, 2019,

Mosquitos, they were excellent for bringing back dinosaurs in Jurassic park but aren’t very fun to deal with on vacation. This might leave you wondering, “What’s the situation like in Vietnam with Mosquitos and Tropical diseases like Malaria?” Visiting a tropical country like Vietnam means you will be welcomed with long beaches, sunshine and endless…

Bottled water sold in Vietnam
- May 26, 2019,

Health issues are one of the top concerns of a traveler when visiting or moving to a new country. As Vietnam is one of the developing countries in the tropical area, it is necessary that you know what to eat and drink safely to avoid epidemics in this hot and humid weather. Our article will…

Vietnamse Ice Tea in Local Restaurant
- May 28, 2019,

You have just arrived at your hotel or resort from a super long flight to Vietnam, they greet you with a nice glass of juice or tea. But Wait! There is ice in it! Can I drink this ice? Oh no, you are so thirsty though! What do you do? Can I Drink Ice in…

- May 28, 2019,

Vietnamese Coffee is famous all over the world for tasting bold and rich with an intense flavor.  Escaping the heat of Saigon by sitting down with colleagues or friends to drink iced coffee is a large part of Vietnamse culture. If you’re exploring Vietnam and want to sip on Vietnamese Coffee, I’m recommending that you…

- Jun 18, 2019,

13 Laws You Must Know Before Traveling to Vietnam Did you know that you need a Visa for Vietnam? Did you also know that it’s illegal to take photos of certain statues or famous places? It’s not worth your vacation to be spoiled because you didn’t know some crucial information about your destination. That’s why…

- Nov 22, 2019,

For foreigners who wish to travel to Vietnam, the dress code for famous attractions is a common question travelers ask about. Shorts make you feel comfortable and cool during the journey, which helps you to enjoy the best of your trip. On the other hand, you need to make sure that the types of outfits…